How to withdraw cash from SOL?
Since you have 2 ZARs balances in SOL Wallet, which are main SOL ZARs account and SOL Card account - you may separately withdraw money from both of them.
With SOL Card, you may withdraw funds in any ATM or at participating retail stores.
To withdraw in ATM:
To withdraw in retail shops:
Attention: never tell your SOL Card’s PIN to anyone including the shop teller.
Should you wish to withdraw from your SOL ZARs account, follow these steps:
Attention: make sure you don’t put anything except the account owner name into the transfer form, otherwise the payment will not be executed and will be delayed until you provide the account owner name.
Attention: as per South African regulations and SOL usage terms, you may only withdraw ZARs into the bank account opened under your own name.
Withdrawal transactions are subject to small fees applied by the banks and retailers. You can check the applicable fees here.