I want to buy or sell BTC at my own rate (set limit order)
In case you want to buy or sell BTC only at the rate set by yourself - you can use the Limit Order functionality of SOL Wallet.
Any SOL Wallet user may place an order to buy or sell certain volume of digital assets at specific price (I.e. - I want to sell 1 BTC at the ZARS/BTC rate no less than 200’000). In case 2 orders matches (i.e. someone else is willing to buy 0.5 BTC at the ZARS/BTC rate of 200’000 or higher), some part (or all) of your order will be executed, and you will receive the profits (100’000 ZARS in our example), and the remaining part of the order (sell 0.5 BTC at the rate of 200’000) will stay alive until it expires.
Currently, limit orders lifetime is limited to 24 hours.
To set a limit order, you can go to Exchange/Limit order section of SOL Wallet app, and specify the limit price and the amount to buy. When you confirm it, your order will be placed to the SOL order book, and will be executed automatically when any matching order will be set by another user. You will get an in-app notification of your order execution.
Limit order execution incurs a fee of 0.25% of the order amount. The fee is charged only when the order is executed.
The fee and assets in the order will be locked for the duration of order lifetime (i.e. if you set the order to buy 0.1 BTC at a ZARS/BTC rate of 100’000 - then 10’025 ZARS will be locked in your SOL Wallet ZARS account (10’000 ZARS is the intended purchase amount and 25 ZARS is a transaction fee).
There’s no way to view the complete SOL order book now, but this feature will be implemented soon.