I want to pay or send funds to my friend
Your recipient must be a SOL Wallet user to be able to receive any assets from you.
There are few ways to send your assets to your friend:
1. You have a SOL Wallet QR code from your recipient - go to “QR-code/Scanner” menu of the app, and just load QR code photo from the gallery
2. You have a BTC address or BTC QR of your recipient - go to “Pay/to Bitcoin address” menu of the app, paste the destination address here or load BTC QR code into the “Wallet number” field
3. You have a phone number of your recipient - go to “Pay/by Phone number” menu of the app, enter the phone number or select your friend from the phonebook. If this number is not a SOL Wallet user, the transaction won’t go through
Once you select the asset to be transferred and enter the amount, you will have to confirm the operation by entering your PIN or using fingerprint. SOL Wallet will execute the transfer within 5 seconds, and after 5 more seconds it will be credited to the recipient’s wallet!